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  • Checking of accessories before shipment
    We offer ONLY selected and tested accessories for tablets, smartphones, computers. We focus on quality, not quantity.
  • Tablet Accessories are our specialty
    We specialize in accessories, so we can effectively advise you - just call or email us and we will help you in your selection.
  • Always fit merchandise
    If we write that the accessory fit the tablet, you can be sure that this is so. We check in every detail.
  • We describe product honestly
    We describe each product the best and fairest as we can. We give technical and functional details.
  • We show photos and videos
    We try to show the accessories offered in detail in pictures and movies sometimes, well you see what you are buying.
  • Accessories are always available
    All the accessories that can be bought in our shop are in our warehouse. Ready for dispatch.
  • Order the way you like
    We accept orders by any convenient way for you. You can order the accessories by a telephone, e-mail or shopping cart store.
  • Testy przed wysyłką akcesoriów
    We test each product prior to shipment to the customer. You can be sure that you will get full value, efficient accessories. Always working.
  • Darmowa wysyłka towaru
    Masz u nas darmową przesyłkę, jeśli zapłacisz z góry. Nie ważne, czy kupujesz za 300 czy 10zł. A kupując za pobraniem dopłacisz tylko 9,90zł.
  • We use ONLY monitored shipments. This provides full security and no risk.
  • Responsibility for the merchandise
    We take full responsibility for the shipment. In the event of a problem, we take care of everything. You can sleep peacefully.
  • Shipment in 24 hours
    Purchased product will be shipped within 24 hours.
  • Odbiór osobisty
    Możesz do nas przyjechać osobiście. Jeśli tylko mieszkasz w Krakowie lub okolicach, nie wahaj się odwiedzić nas w Zielonkach. Pracujemy od poniedziałku do soboty w godzinach od 8.00 do 16.00.
  • we issue a VAT invoice
    For all orders we issue a VAT invoice. We operate fully legally. 
  • 2 years warranty
    For all accessories purchased from us you have not 12 months, but 24 months warranty.
  • 100 days for return
    If you're not satisfied, you can return the order up to 100 days (!) from the moment of delivery. Had someone else offered you such a satisfaction guarantee?
  • Obsługa posprzedażowa
    You are not alone after purchase. Contact us if you have a problem, and we will do everything to help you. We never leave customers to themselves with problems.
  • Wiele form kontaktu ze sklepem
    We offer you a wide range of methods of contact: 3 mobile phones, e-mail, Skype and Messenger. Select a convenient form of contact for you.
  • Telefon do sklepu internetowego
    If you want, just call us. We receive phone calls from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 20.00. You can also place your order by phone.
  • Zawsze z korzyścią dla naszego Klienta
    We always try to resolve contentious situations in favor of the customer. We believe that we are entitled to profit only when the customer is satisfied.

Jeśli odeślesz towar, oddamy Ci także za przesyłkę zwrotną do nas


2012 was the year of tablets and 2013 was a strong continuation of this trend - about 2 million Poles bought the tablet then. In 2014 has made it even more, and in 2015 this trend remained. Because mobile networks are increasingly promoting the offer of tablets, the sale is more cranking up. Do you also like to you have a tablet? Or perhaps you already have one?

We can say that the tablet is a gadget. As it turns out, 10-inch tablets are suitable not only for fun but also to work - for example, in an area where mobility and long battery life are the most important. Without a doubt saying that the tablets will completely replace desktops and laptops, it is an exaggeration. However, the tablet is the perfect complement to other devices.

With a tablet, it is difficult to do without its accessories. What is needed is a decent and elegant carrying case, car charger, cables, adapters, and even cleaning products to serve you your tablet as long as possible.

ONLINE STORES WITH tablets in Europe

Stores with tablets and some accessories there are already at least a dozen, and in the coming months can be expected to increase their number. What distinguishes the brand TabletoidStore.com in this competitive market? We are distinguished by specialization, we offer you only accessories for tablets. Proven fitting, durable accessories, always with a 2-year warranty.

Shop, blog, forum and guides

TabletoidStore.com is not only a shop with accessories for tablets - it is also thematic blog, forum and free guides for people who want to knowingly buy their first tablet, choose the appropriate accessories to it and install the best apps (programs).

We specialize in tablets and accessories, so we can advise you - just call us or contact in any other convenient way for you. We thoroughly test each accessory before shipment to the customer. Therefore, always you get a working product - you can be sure of that. Remember also that we are responsible for shipping the product to you. If there are unexpected problems, you do not have to worry - we'll take care of everything.

Is the price the most important?

Do you think that the most important criterion is the price? If so, think about it well. Low price almost is always associated with poor quality, lack of quality control, poor contact with the seller, or difficulties in enforcing the guarantee. Our products are not the cheapest, but they are always tested and in good quality. We always receive phone calls, always respond to e-mails, always immediately send the goods ordered. We take full responsibility for your satisfaction with your purchase.

See the accessories for tablets in the excellent quality we offer. And if you want to, join the group of satisfied customers TabletoidStore.com.