Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Krzyworączka and I own the brand TabletoidStore.com ™. I run KRZYWY.PL, a company that deals with Internet marketing and sales on the Net. TabletoidStore.com is co-managed with my brother. Take a look at our noble faces ;-)

Paweł i Piotr jeszcze jako dzieci

Time passes, our friendship - not. Paul and Peter, Peter and Paul - always arm in arm, close together. Common objectives, ideas, values. On friendship and trust we build the business and our future.

Piotr i Paweł Krzyworączka - bracia w biznesie


Like many people, we are interested in consumer electronics: computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Having some knowledge of e-business, we decided to operate in e-commerce.

We operate completely transparently: You can call us, or even to come to us, to the company to pick up the purchased merchandise.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We believe that running a business is about helping other people, making money and the development of the company is the result of this approach.

Paul & Peter Krzyworączka